Food expert makes non-melting ice cream

Impressions of Germany - Eating ice cream in fall

A food expert has created ice cream that never melts.

Rob Collignon – who is the owner of Gastronaut Foods – has come up with a recipe for the sweet summer treat so that it can be enjoyed at room temperature without melting.

Mr. Collignon said: “Before you pop it in your mouth, it’s entirely different from frozen ice cream. It crumbles in your hands and is room temperature.

“But once you take a bite, it absorbs the moisture and transforms into the exact same sweet and creamy ice cream you’ve known all your life – but with no brain freeze.”

Mr Collignon has been working on the recipe, which sees ice-cream freeze-dried to dehydrate it, for three years and has come up with three flavours – Mexican Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “I started making ice cream in my Brooklyn apartment and freeze-drying it in a machine that took up half my kitchen …

“I quit my office job in the Autumn 2015, gave up my apartment, and moved into a 1987 VW van. I travelled 20,000 miles through the US, Mexico, and Canada while working on the business. Once it was figured out, I settled in Upstate New York to launch the Kickstarter campaign.”

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