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  • upuzi_tele

    What can General Kiguoya do apart from warnings and scarings?

    • @upuzi-tele: Who is your preference or is the coward who would so easily run away from a leashed cow in Nandi? Perhaps, is the character who never hesitates to call others cowards when he is the only person to have ever fled the country in lady’s – veil to be precise! Is it the same character who wont stand riot police while pretending to be the champion of confrontation? I thought I saw a guy hidding under the table while at the same time screaming cowards in Thika? I thought I saw a guy pretending to have won presidential election running to the safety of his car after just a small tear gas canister exploded a few metres away? That was at Uhuru park in January 2008. He left his supporters to face police music! Would a real leader really do that? Am not a PM but I wont certainly run away from my supporters! I would talk police out of it or have myself arrested. Would His Excellency run away from his scene? Calling people names only undermines your idol. I think you should be arrested for insulting the head of state!

      • upuzi_tele

        I didn’t know you could be that stupid to go so low as to ask someone to be arrested for asking what a president can do apart from issuing warnings. Your type is the one that wants us to go back to bad old days of Nyayo and Kenyatta era that nobody could even dare imagine a president falling sick or even dying. What do you mean by insulting the head of state? A coward is always a coward no matter how much you try to wrap him in a warrior suit. How many times must you be told to understand that he rigged to be president? You Idiot! For your information, it is the first time in Kenyans history that a president was sworn in a night. If he had won the elections as you put it, why couldn’t he wait till day time to be sworn in? What was the hurry? He had all the state machinery to make that happen.

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