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  • Mazzdark

    I think this is lynch-mob scapegoating – whether the MP attended the meetings or not it absolutely does not absolve Government structures headed by Mr Haji (Internal Security and Provincial Admin) of what was so clearly a failure to do their fundamental duty – what could the single MP have done where there was NSIS, Police, Admin. Police, the DC, DO and chiefs – NAD THEY HAD BEEN FOREWARNED…..achaneni na Mr Godhana it is his people who were killed, he has a right to be outraged…

  • How to write a nonsense article. Rather than focus on the motive, method, killers and victims, the article is about how went to what meeting. And the article urges state resources to used to that end.

  • upuzi_tele

    Why is Haji directing the CID to probe Godhana? Haji should leave the CID alone, they are not robots to be used by politicians. They know what should be done when something like this happens.

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