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  • Hawa Garre ya Kenya ni bure sana? They cannot protect even their wives, many women were yesterday got raped by Degodia boys. Garre hawana haya hata kidogo, wanaume aina gani wanatoroka kwa wanaume kama wao. Shame on Garre men, may be they are Washoga tu. No wonder all their children look like degodia, Murulle and Bon marihaan

    • Ngoma

      Hate speech right here!

      • It is not hate speech it is however, describing cowards

        • Ngoma

          It is hate speech stop it!

          • what is the defining line in freedom of speech and the newly acquired word of hate speech. Describing a coward be it an individual and/or ethnic group is not a hate speech against any group, it is simply describing a factual situation about these spineless men. Well the words are protected by the freedom of speech clause in the constitution of Kenya.

          • Ngoma

            Quite easy to tell just see your comments in every forum…hate tupu! Freedom of speech comes with responsibility but you obviously have not read that part have you?

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