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  • segen

    what i dont understand is exactly what further holiday tuition is needed? The first 8-4-4 lot had a more massive curriculum to cover. We covered so many subjects but did not go for holiday classes at all. So the case today is that with way fewer subjects, the teachers claim that the curriculum just cannot be finished… Is it that we recruit daft teachers or are the students today a little dafter than before so they need the extra classes?

  • segen

    HOw do both parents and teachers feel that they have caused needless death and destruction in a bid to break a rule and have a few more extra days to pump these children with information? I think this is a wake up call to simply give the children and break, let them have their holidays and OBEY rules. My condolences with those who died and probably with parents who may have been coerced into bringing their children to school.

  • pauline

    My heart goes out for those affected. But come to think of it, are kids not supposed to be home at this moment?

  • Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, believe it or not Asumbi is in KENYA! Now granted it is some distance from Nairobi, but it is in Kenya! Twelve hours after the tragedy, the only statement of condolence (at least on the net) has come from the prime minister. Really, really strange! I think it was about 2 weeks ago we all mourned the sad demise of our grandmas (from the PCEA church) following the accident, that did not even happen in KENYA (i believe it was TZ). Why are we not showing the same compassion to the families of these young ones. Why are we not stating that the government will meet funeral expenses and help the mourning families. Why? This smacks of double standards. So very unjust of you!

    • Akhenaten

      That’s right ‘Odhis’ in fact when my dog died and because I am from GEMA the president sent two helicopters and paid for the cremation of my poor dog. After all are we not always favored? Grow the F up man this kind of stupid talk led to the 2K8 madness. TZ had to be taught a lesson in fact their diplomatic team should’ve have been expelled. As for the young victims our prayers should go out to their families

      • I thought Alfie Mutua was their spokesman, didn’t know you were part of his team. Looks like language ethics is not your thing. Are you barking or speaking. Pathetic!

      • You just likened those young departed angels to dogs….I say nothing dude/dudette, but I assure you their MAKER will have something to say about that. And I am also sure you will not be barking at HIM. You will be nbegging mate.

  • malay

    This is tragic!!!!!!ok pole to all affected .That said with a heavy heart ,let point out that as father of 2 young boys ages 5 & 11,there is alot that is not clear here.For sure why on earth did the parents have to take the children for tution.?This holiday i disagreed with the school ploicty of holiday tutions and i cant regrete because for the first time in a while i saw the joy of having two boy around without the $%#@%$#[email protected] the tution is the detemining factor for ticket to havard ,then count my boys out,.BUT BECAUSE I KNOW ITS NOT THEN YOU CAN BE SURE THAT THEY WILL GO TO THE BEST IN THE WORLD.As we blame left right and centre for this tragedy ,we need to point fingers to the parents first,We have been sacrificing our children at the alters of school.homework our jobs chamas bra ,bra bra ,may the Lord forgive us.
    Malay Nairobi

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