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  • MkenyaMpya

    RIP Shikuku. Kenya is a better place today because of you.

    • Felix Mulama

      You fought for the rights of common mwananchi….your legacy will live on. RIP Oyondi Sikuku Martin

  • martin munyasia

    It saddens me to learn that one of our founding fathers of the nation has passed. May he rest in peace and may his contributions to kenya be highlighted on his tomb. Here is a freedom fighter who gave a voice to the voiceless in kenya.

  • Mukhongo

    Its absurd that a man of Shikuku’s stature should die in such a lowly hospital when his political buddies wallow in wealth! They are now waiting to go and shed crocodile tears in his funeral. Aibu kwenyu

  • rhoda Mghenyi

    Kenya is still in chains, the person who watched over the common man, was so simple, he did not own villas, or a chain of hotels, and yet some of you kwaserikali, stand up and run your mouths!!! prove it that you care for Marehemu Shikuku, start talking or zip it.

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