Pokemon Go helps autistic child socialize


A mother has revealed the smash hit Pokemon Go game has encouraged her autistic son to socialise more.

‘Pokemon Go’ has improved the life of an autistic child.

Lenore Koppelman expressed her excitement for the new gaming craze when her son took to the pastime really quickly and began to socialise with fellow gamers through it as he searched for the elusive Pokemon characters.

Lenore wrote on Facebook, which has since been reported on Digital Spy: “I finally introduced Ralphie to ‘Pokemon Go’ tonight. This thing is AMAZING.

“After he caught his first one at the bakery, he was shrieking with excitement. MY AUTISTIC CHILD IS SOCIALISING.”

And the positive turn of events nearly brought the mother close to tears.

She explained: “We were in shock! And when we got there, other kids ran up to him to hunt for Pokemon together. Holy crap!!!! I didn’t know if I should laugh, or cry.”

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