Picks: Amandla – A capsule collection

adele amanda

Twenty-seven year old design student Amanda Jeneby designed this capsule collection with designer Adèle Dejak during her five-week internship with Adèle’s brand. A 10-week internship with jewellery brands is part of Amanda’s bachelor’s degree course in fashion jewellery from the London College of Fashion. Before interning with Adèle Dejak, Amanda spent five weeks with the men’s jewellery brand Baliyano.

Born to a Kenyan father and Swedish mother, Amanda grew up in Sweden but spent holidays in Kenya. She secured an internship with Adèle Dejak after googling ‘Kenyan jewellery’ and discovering the company. After falling in love with the brand’s aesthetic she emailed Adèle and was lucky enough to join in June.

Creating a capsule collection wasn’t an initial objective of the internship, but it slowly came together as Amanda worked together with Adèle. Samples were first made in the Adèle Dejak workshop in Kiambu before being forwarded to silversmith Musa Butt for full production.

Launched on 16 July 2016, the capsule collection of…


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