Kenyan musician King Kanja releases “All My Life” feat. Silvastone


king kanja silvastone

The multi-talented Kenyan musician King Kanja releases new single “All My Life” featuring Silvastone.

“All My Life” comes right after the release of Kanja’s hit music video “Cathy.” The new single is yet another catchy, harmonious and melodic song written by Kanja as an ode to beautiful women, and the point at which we settle down in a relationship.

“All My Life is a shout out to my references and inspirations as I sing in Swahili and Kikuyu; I am bringing it home,” King Kanja explains. “Plus I feel like all my life I’ve been looking for that African woman yet I haven’t found her yet…This is a dedication to her.”

“All My Life” is produced by Silvastone, the UK based musician, songwriter and producer with an international recording studio portfolio.


Check out the new single below:

ALL MY LIFE on Apple Music:

ALL MY LIFE on Soundcloud:


  • ali mohamed

    This judicial activism is going too far.. the courts are opening a pandoras box and soon the crafty politicians will overwhelm the courts with irrelevant cases. Which politician in Kenya agrees that he was defeated. It mean that in 2013 one can eliminate all the presidential contender by rushing to court some few days to the polls by alleging that the candidate was rigged. I would be happy to see Mudavadi giving Raila a technical knockout by seeking a court order indicating that Raila was elected through a flowed process and hence not a bonafide ODM presidential contender for the national polls.

    The Big question is can the activist court order this……. politicians are crafty animals????

  • perepepe

    The Courts have gone berserk! It’s all good for some to claim that this is new found Judicial independence but others see the Courts as encouraging the growth and expansion of a litigious society. Courts ought to avoid certain disputes and should be encouraging alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and not hankering to rule on anything and everything! Their new style will lead us to the very same ditch the Judiciary is coming from. Lack of credibility, consistency and Judicial sobriety. They are giving the civil society a run for their money. The Judiciary should be seen to be developing jurisprudence and building on Judicial precedence and not turning into bastions of activism with a point to prove. It has become the hallmark of independence to rule against the Executive whilst looking over your judicial shoulder for the Vetting Board. These rulings are quickly becoming a farce and are bringing the judiciary to disrepute.

  • Otieno Mbare

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  • mkenya

    thank bro otieno, your comment is very positive and true. we all kenyans should embrace democracy with the knowledge that kenya is bigger than individual all parties

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