Matt Damon teases 5th Bourne movie


Matt Damon has teased there’ll be a fifth Bourne film but mused he could be too old to play Bourne forever.

The 45-year-old actor has returned to the role of the special agent for a fourth time for ‘Jason Bourne’ following a nine-year break, and is sure the franchise will continue but thinks he’ll eventually be too old for the role.

He said: “My guess is it will be a while before we’ll even get around to doing another one. They might reboot me before I bow out.”

In an interview with the pair for The Guardian newspaper, director Paul Greengrass added: “It’s got to continue.”

The latest film – which also stars Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones and Julia Stiles – required Damon to undertake 90 minute high-intensity gym sessions every day for 10 weeks and eat only vegetables and protein for months before filming.

The actor explained: “Paul said early on, ‘Look, if we open the film and in the first frame of Jason Bourne we see your face and you look like you’ve lived well these past 10 years, we do not have a movie. You have to look like you’ve suffered. And the only way to do that is to suffer.”

But Damon and Greengrass have a great working relationship, which made making the movie so much easier, and would love to work together again.

Greengrass added: “Every film is a big gamble, large or small… You can come on set some days and feel, ‘I don’t know about this’. The anxieties are very profound. That’s why it’s such a stressful undertaking. When you’ve got someone like Matt who’s going to sell it for you, who’s going to be brilliant and is committed, the feeling of empowerment is so intense. And love. He’s a fantastic man to make a film with. And we’ve been in the trenches before. We’ve been in the deepest shit that it’s possible to be in on a film set.”

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