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  • pat

    what happens to those of us in the jua kali sector. does anyone care that for any increament, im taxed more despite having no avenue to raise my demands

  • Teachers should not be allowed to arm twist Government through strike threats.The proposed salaries are not sustainable and will only make kenyans more taxed.surely civil servants with similar qualifications and experience earn less and do not threaten to strike.If we allow these blackmail next time teachers will demand 1000% increase!

    • wazippie

      I disagree with you Mr Ben on this matter.The civil servants you referring to may be involved in corrupt deals to survive or they simply fear the government. If the figure is not sustainable why did the government accept to gazette the notice? I am a graduate teacher, have taught for seventeen years and my basic salary now is 36,000/=.I cannot fuel my car with the commuter allowance given of 2600/= per month, when i was i job group ‘L’, I earned house allowance of 12,000/= and it has never changed even when i advanced to ‘M’. is this not unfair?Teachers too need a decent life.

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