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  • Fridah

    TNA did nominations other parties did not have democratic nominations and yet we criminalize those who had a democratic process

  • Okello Okello

    I agree with Fridah, in Ndhiwa, which is our ODM stronghold the registrar said we only had 3,000 people that cannot be true….we had violence in one polling station, that shows the passion people have for the party

  • Jimmy Mugweru

    No party has ever conducted Technology based nominations it was great seeing the freshness in the TNA nominations….that was a great election

  • Anonymous

    Ati TNA was democratic wacheni siasa za pesa nane, The fighting in Ndhiwa is real politics, the pushing and fighting shows attachment to the party, hii mambo ya gentleman only works in love sio siasa

  • Mike

    Congrats TNA that is what Democracy is about

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