Introducing the scarf that might leave the paparazzi out of a job

ISHU Scarf Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Not that I happen to be swarmed by paparazzi every single day, but if ever that became a problem in my life (or yours for that matter), then I’ve got just the thing.

Allow me to introduce you to the paparazzi-proof scarf that may leave many photographers pulling their hairs out.

Conceptualised by Dutch fashion designer Saif Siddiqui, this garment reflects light back to the camera rendering it impossible for photographers to take pictures of anyone wearing the scarf using flash photography.


Siddiqui named this the ISHU Scarf – a combination of the words ‘issue’ and ‘shush’ – as it allows the wearer to reclaim their privacy. I mean, who needs super powers when you’ve got your very own invisibility cloak?

Celebrities like Paris Hilton and DMX seem to be great fans of this luxurious, handmade collection and if you happen to have KES39,000 – KES48,000 ($384 – $472) to spare, this scarf could be yours too.

And don’t worry fellaz, if you’re not into scarves then you can purchase an ISHU tie and pocket square instead.

ISHU Scarf

What are your thoughts on this accessory?

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