14 Things Your Spouse Should Come Home to Everyday


1. Your warm greeting.

2. Your desire to know how his/her day was.

3. A peaceful space from a peaceful spouse.

4. Your smile and laughter. Have light moments. Laughter. The day was already tough outside the home.

5. Your affirmation of love.

6. At least a kiss from you (you used to kiss alot when dating, courting and first years of marriage).

7. A chance to eat dinner with you (and the children if you have any).

8. A massage from you if he/she is feeling tense or sore.

9. Encouraging words if he/she had a rough day.

10. Words of praise and compliments. Appreciate your spouse.

11. A hopeful close of the day looking forward to tomorrow.

12. Intimate quality time with you in the bedroom.

13. Lovemaking during the nights you both are in the mood.

14. A special goodnight either through a kiss, a cuddle or a prayer.

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