14 Things Your Spouse Should Come Home to Everyday



1. Your warm greeting.

2. Your desire to know how his/her day was.

3. A peaceful space from a peaceful spouse.

4. Your smile and laughter. Have light moments. Laughter. The day was already tough outside the home.

5. Your affirmation of love.

6. At least a kiss from you (you used to kiss alot when dating, courting and first years of marriage).

7. A chance to eat dinner with you (and the children if you have any).

8. A massage from you if he/she is feeling tense or sore.

9. Encouraging words if he/she had a rough day.

10. Words of praise and compliments. Appreciate your spouse.

11. A hopeful close of the day looking forward to tomorrow.

12. Intimate quality time with you in the bedroom.

13. Lovemaking during the nights you both are in the mood.

14. A special goodnight either through a kiss, a cuddle or a prayer.


Dayan Masinde

Dayan Masinde is a Nairobi based Kenyan artist specializing in Poetry, Fine Art, Portrait Art, Murals, Creative Writing, Music, Illustrations and Animation. He is often described as "The Artist Inspired by Love" because of his use of artistic expressions to inspire, celebrate and help understand the mystery of love. His poetry book "WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE" is available for purchase worldwide on amazon.

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