Kim Kardashian West lands Forbes cover as mobile mogul

Kim Kardashian West Forbes

Kim Kardashian West believes she has made her late father proud by appearing on the cover of FORBES magazine.

The 35-year-old reality TV star’s game ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ has made $160 million since it was released in 2014, with Kim taking home $45 million and she believes landing the prestigious cover would have meant a huge deal to her father Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003.

She tweeted: “Such a tremendous honor to be on the cover of @forbes! I never dreamed this would happen& know my Dad would be proud. #NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent (sic).”

Kim was also interviewed by the magazine about her video game and her Kimoji app but she admitted she was unsure about launching her own game at first but her husband Kanye West convinced her.

She said: “I loved video games, growing up. I remember I asked Kanye, ‘Should I do this?’ He was like, ‘Yes!’ That’s how he got into music, because he wanted to do music for videogames and wanted to create videogames. [But] I was like, ‘I wonder if people are really going to … mimic my life.’

“When people looked at me in a way like, ‘Why is she stepping into the tech world? That’s not her territory! Stick to reality TV!’ I was like, ‘No’. This fun for me. Now I’m coming up with Kimojis and the app and all these other ideas. I don’t see myself stopping.”

Kim is number 42 on FORBES’ Celebrity 100 list, which has been topped by Taylor Swift.

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