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  • Boiyot

    This is not serious! First they remove things and then ask the public to come and put them back?
    How about just passing the version given to the cabinet by CIC?

  • Tom Randiki

    The Chairman – no less – of the CIOC says “We have heard some noises from a number of interested stakeholders…” then he goes ahead and moans about “critical” bills which were not on the schedule. The use of the derogatory “noises” means that we should not expect any changes from these cosmetic public baraza. But most importantly, why were “critical” bills missing from the schedule? Are there any other “critical” bills pending out there? And isn’t this backlog the result of our MPs spending more time out than in parliament which sits for a mere 4 days per week, sometimes for only a few minutes due to lack of quorum?

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