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  • pfoster

    Were the MP’s interested in getting to know why the initial figure of 500m went up to 653m? Did the board that initially approved it (including the 7 directors from one region) not meet again to cancel or approve this figure? I think this mob justice by MP’s should not just be sensationally reported just for headline news and to the joy of a tender looser like many others we’ve seen who fight back through MP’s who just want to shout thief loudest for electors to hear! If this had gone through the same Kimunya would have accused by the same MP’s for ‘pocketing’ 153m with the directors from the same region! What a mess in parliament and media!

  • Disgusted

    Ever heard of questions for money? It’s a standard corrupt practice in parliaments world over, especially Westminster types. Either way, Kimunya would have been in trouble, should he have awarded, then the looser would have rented someone to raise similar issues in parliament. It’s the sad truth about the sort of parliament we have.

    • disgusted

      Not that I am judging the issue either way as we don’t have sufficient info to do that. What I find interesting is the choice of committees to look into this matter. What has the budget comm got to do with it? KAA is a stand alone authority that will have to raise money for this on it’s own. I am not sure about the role of the Finance committee either but would have expected the PIC to be in the middle of the inquiry.

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