Our2Cents Ep. 88: Having the time of our lives in Mauritius!

mauritius our2cents susan wong sharon mundia

This was truly a magical trip!

Not only did Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong get to experience new things for the very first time (swinging trapeze and archery being a couple of them) but they also met some incredible people and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Despite visiting Mauritius on separate occasions, this was their first time going together, hosted by Club Med Le Plantation D’Albion.  As part of their all-inclusive experience, they got the chance to swing on the trapeze, go snorkelling, try out archery, learn how to sail and enjoy mouth-watering cuisines!

Club Med specialises in creating exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime experiences across their exotic resorts found around the globe. They recently partnered with Maniago Executive Travel Designers to offer Kenyans a chance to travel to their unique resorts so make sure to click here if you’d like to experience this for yourself.

The video might be a little longer than usual so feel free to grab a cup of coffee/snack before clicking play. Trust us, you’re in for a ride!

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