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  • Mtu Mbili

    Is it a case of inexperience on the side of the pilots,bad weather,ill fate or what? how can 3 choppers just go down like that?

    • C Kariuki

      I think they were following a formation and the error made by the lead copter led to the rest being victims. Talk of very poor experience

  • onetwo

    commission of inquiry shoud be established to find out how the MI-24 choppers came down!

  • C Kariuki

    I guess they were following a formation whereby the lead copter must have made a grave error which the followers found themselves in it. Call it a case of serious inexperience and now it jolts all our efforts. Very unfortunate

  • john ngari

    last year four helicopters all came down in thailand as each went for rescue of the other so there is that possibility, as bad weather inst friendly to copters navigation

  • A.H.ADAM

    well inexperiencenced pilots strange how are they recruited

  • Peter

    Sorry for the pilots, but it appears the prescribed route over Mt. Kenya was not suitable for this type of chopper which can only operate up to 4,500 meters. This and bad weather may be the reason for 3 Mi 24 choppers to face the same unfortunate fate.

  • sad Ugandan

    At 11000ft they would have required oxygen injected directly into the fuel mixture in order to generate the extra power needed to counter balance reduced blade grab caused by thin air at that altitude. Pilots would know that, just like they know about G forces. then again Uganda is Uganda, always looking for “short cuts”

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