Spice Girls ‘scrap plans to reunite for 20th anniversary’


Efforts to reunite the Spice Girls have reportedly failed.

Speculation has been rife that the iconic girl group planned to mark their 20th anniversary with a comeback performance, with several members of the band having already talked up the idea – but Mel C, like Victoria Beckham, has told the other girls she has no interest in reuniting.

A source said: “Mel C has been telling friends it’s not happening – not for the anniversary and not next year.

“She’s not interested in revisiting the band, and neither is Victoria.

“Their decision has made it impossible for the other three to go ahead with plans to tour again.They know it wouldn’t be quite the same to get on stage as a threesome.”

The group reportedly felt they could reunite without Victoria, but chose to pull the plug on the project as soon as Mel C told them she did not wish to return.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Doing it without Victoria would have been a shame but might have been a possibility, but two missing is too many.

“The Spice Girls’ last reunion worked because it was all five of them and they gave their fans what they wanted.

“This feels a bit more like it would be cheating the fans, and none of them want to do that.”

Last month, Mel B said the group – which also includes Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell – hoped to reunite in 2017.

She explained: “It’s our 20th anniversary this year – this would be the perfect year but places get booked out, so what we’re hopefully doing is planning on doing something to celebrate next year.

“It’s something that we want to do and it’d be nice to celebrate and give thanks to all the fans. I’m not getting any younger. Let’s hurry up and get this done.”

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