Rihanna’s new single is ‘perfect’


Rihanna’s new single was “the perfect story” to tell, according to Floria Sigismondi.

The 28-year-old musician’s latest track ‘Sledgehammer’ is based on “breaking down barriers”, which the music creative director believed was the most powerful message to evoke for the ‘Star Trek Beyond’ soundtrack.

Speaking to Vogue magazine about the song – which was unveiled on Monday (27.06.16), Floria said: “If you listen to her song, it’s really about breaking down barriers.

“If you look at the broad themes, the broad strokes of what ‘Star Trek’ is, an exploration, and then you look at her song about breaking down barriers and kind of moving through something. It felt like the perfect story to tell.”

And Floria wanted to depict the moral through a “mystical character” in the accompanying video to Rihanna’s recent release.

She explained: “For me, it was about creating a mystical character that harnesses this power; she can manipulate the ground, the earth, the sand. She can even manipulate the stars, the light, and ultimately transform the universe. It’s a beautiful, transcendent story. ”

Meanwhile, Floria has revealed the partnership between the ‘Work’ hitmaker and the Italian Canadian photographer has been brewing for a long time.

The creative mastermind explained: “Rihanna and I were looking for something for a while now to collaborate on. When this opportunity came up, it sounded right. There were ideas that I was exploring already, and then this just made sense with the whole ‘Star Trek’ an IMAX collaboration.

“It was something that had been sort of floating around in my head for a while. When they talked to me about this, I was able to look at the film and extract elements. For me, that was a great guide in terms of extracting the nebula, the floating rocks and the swarm ships, and I created a story around it.”

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