Lena Dunham slams Kanye West’s “disturbing” new music video


Lena Dunham has slammed Kanye West’s “disturbing” new music video for ‘Famous’ saying it has made her feel “sad and unsafe and worried for the teenage girls”.

The ‘Girls’ actress is upset about the ‘Famous’ video – which features synthetic versions of Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Anna Wintour and many more naked in bed together – as it has made her feel “sad and unsafe and worried for the teenage girls”.

Writing on her Facebook page, Lena, 30, said: “I don’t have a hip cool reaction, because seeing a woman I love like Taylor Swift (f**k that one hurt to look at, I couldn’t look), a woman I admire like Rihanna or Anna, reduced to a pair of waxy breasts made by some special effects guy in the Valley, it makes me feel sad and unsafe and worried for the teenage girls who watch this and may not understand that grainy roving camera as the stuff of snuff films.”

Although she acknowledged that Kanye was “cool”, she urged the rapper to “make a statement” on fame, privacy or “whatever is on your mind”, before adding: “But I can’t watch it, don’t want to watch it, if it feels informed and inspired by the aspects of our culture that make women feel unsafe even in their own beds, in their own bodies.”

The video feature Kanye in bed with wife Kim before the camera zooms out to reveal what appears to be wax figures of another 10 famous people asleep beside them.

Others stars in the video include Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, former US president George W Bush, singer Chris Brown, Kim’s former boyfriend Ray J and Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

Explaining the controversial video, Kanye, 39, has said: “It’s not in support or anti any of (the people in the video). It’s a comment on fame.”

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