#TrendAlert: Make way for the fray – time to update your denim jeans

trend alert - frayed hem

As far as I’m concerned, a good pair of jeans is just as important as taking off your makeup before going to bed.

In uni, I pretty much lived in jeans and let’s just say nothing’s changed much since then. I may swap my jeans over for a cute pencil skirt here and there or some swanky leggings (all hail the athleisure trend, ladies and gentlemen) but I’ll almost always gravitate to the jeans side of my closet first.

There’s no denying that jeans are one of those pieces that will always have a place in the fashion world and therefore your closet, so why not spice things up by introducing pieces with fun twists? Be it flared bottoms, the boyfriend fit, distressed touch or the rising frayed hem trend, it’s the little touch that will elevate your denim look.

Frayed-Hem Denim Jeans

If you’re up for something with a bit of an effortless edge – like you rolled out of bed, put on the first thing you saw and yet still managed to look like Miraslova Duma or Gigi Hadid – then you may want to give this a shot.

The frayed hem is a subtle touch that you could even DIY on an old pair of jeans, that’s assuming you’re into DIY’s in which case, fray away! (watch a quick DIY video here)

Here are some of our favourite ways to style this frayed hemline trend.

trend alert - frayed hem 2 trend alert - frayed hem 3 trend alert - frayed hem 4 trend alert - frayed hem 5

trend alert - frayed hem 6 trend alert - frayed hem 8 trend alert - frayed hem 7

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