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  • Domingo

    Most uninspiring Olympics team ever. No tact whatsoever. Race after race, the Kenyans breakout only to tire when everyone else is picking up. For the first time ever we have Kenyans finishing dead last in races that we once owned.

  • John

    Too much Tusker, choma and Njeri’s are the cause for the mens failure to perform.

  • Tom Randiki

    Many do not believe this, but Team Kenya is exhausted from the many meets which offer prize money instead of useless medals made of fake gold, silver and bronze. Team Kenya may be the only outfit that had to be expressly warned NOT to take part in any meets immediately prior to the Olympics. Team Kenya is also the only team with a leadership which belongs more to the 1964 Olympics than the 2012. Just take a look at the top honchos at AK Messrs Isiah Kiplagat, David Okeyo, Paul Mutwii and Joseph Kinyua. With this kind of leadership, is it any wonder that AK seems to be stuck in the sixties with only some occasional geriatric moves to cover the huge gap? You still think I’m wrong? Watch in the next few months as these same Kenyans win pots of money in all manner of distances from 800m to the marathon to road races.

    • bek1988

      Tom, you are right on the issue of Team Kenya being exhausted. Even Ezekiel Kemboi has already sneaked out of the Olympic Village to prepare for another money minting meet. The issue of age is subjective.

  • You know there iss too much beer and sex in london. Our athletes must be overindulging in these twin evils!

  • The whole team of coaches and officials should be disbanded, an inquiry should be formed to investigate the team selection and even preparation, like for instance why did they had to go and train in the USA.

  • waflay

    In Kenya, we like going with big names as we forget to nurture upcoming talents. I think the athletics officials should start looking for younger bloods in these events other than preferring people whose running tactics are ever on the watch list all over the world. When news went around that Kenya had picked the best team to represent us in this Olympic games, I was hoping to see those guys who participated in Safaricom’s LEWA marathon, to my surprise only common names are appearing -failures. Anyway, this should be our best lesson… well learned.

    • You think marathon runners should be competing in track events? 1500m?

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