Kitchen sponge surprises

House cleaning product

by Lyndy Mansfield

Yes, believe it or not, these cheap little things can be used in many more ways than you ever thought possible …

Just Jillee, in her inimitable way, wrote up these other uses for sponges. They are novel, time-saving and even fun!

*Put a wet sponge in the freezer in a sealed zip lock bag. Ideal for emergency bruises and sprains. Don’t remove the sponge from the bag so, once you freeze it again, the contained water will not spill.

*Sprinkle a dampish sponge with baking soda and keep in the fridge to dispel any odors.

*When planning to plant a flower in a pot, putting a piece of sponge in the bottom will help keep the roots moist.

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*Cut up an ordinary kitchen sponge to make ‘toe separators’ when painting your toenails.

*A sponge with the abrasive material on one side is ideal for removing pilling on sweaters.

*A damp sponge will pick up unwanted dog hairs, dandruff on shoulders and dust on upholstery.

*Have squares of sponges on the basins and sink and showers. This will keep your toilet soap dry and put an end to the soap sliding around, leaving slippery residue.

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