5 Unique Things About The Hub, Karen Worth Experiencing

THE hub Karen

A mall is a mall right? And in every mall you expect to find Shops, offices, service amenities, restaurants, lifestyle outlets here and there, right again? Well, I would like to respond to that question with a strong and proper Right! and say that that is the same case with all the malls in Kenya since retail in Kenya is developing at an unprecedented rate but I would be lying. Why ? You may ask. It’s simply because The Hub, Karen has a little extra to offer in terms of defining the shopping experience in Kenya. The Hub, Karen which is a European style two storied mall that opened its doors to the public in February 2016, has been described as “…the mall that is changing the face of Retail”.

Here’s why:

The Piazza

The HUB, Karen boasts a 2000sqm open-air Piazza with a clock tower at the heart of the development which gives it a European vibe. The outdoorsy, liberating feel of the mall allows the kids to enjoy their time at the mall.
The Piazza opens a wide range of activities as kids are allowed to fully utilize the space as they are allowed to ride and enjoy their segways, hoverboards and skateboards making their experience at the mall worthwhile. This presents them with the perfect opportunity to socialize and have fun too. The piazza is also open for a host of activities over the weekends.

Free Wi-Fi

Being a visitor to the mall comes with internet benefits which is a first in Kenya. As long as you are within the property you can access free internet meaning all you have to do is choose your spot and sit down with your laptop as you eat or sip on coffee while you catch up on some work in a friendly and cheerful environment.

Your dog can come too

Yes, the mall allows dogs! As long as you have a tag and a leash for your dog and your dog is trained on where “to go” you can bring them to experience the mall too.

Pictures are allowed!

Have you  ever been to a mall, having fun with your friends and in need to capture the moment in a picture and when you are about to click your camera, a security guy appears from nowhere only to tell you that you are not allowed to take pictures in the premises? If you asked me, allowing people to take pictures at the mall is a win and a particularly smart way to market the mall as you get to show off how much fun you are having.


Unique tenants

The Hub, Karen mall is host to the first Carrefour Hypermarket in East Africa. Carrefour is a French multinational retailer headquartered in France and is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world. Carrefour operates in over 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.
*Funscapes is a flagship family entertainment zone designed especially for a younger generation.It is a child-friendly amusement zone with an Octopus ride and a Magic carpet ride among others to be enjoyed.
*The Planetarium is the very first theatre dedicated to astrology ‘edutainment’.

To add to the uniqueness of the mall you may also get to enjoy lakefront restaurants and food court outlets that will give you a fresh experience altogether. Who wouldn’t want to eat their meal whilst enjoying the beautiful Nairobi weather? The tight security at the mall ensures that you go about your business fully relaxed.

The Hub is a lifestyle destination whether for work, play or leisure. If you are all about experiencing a destination with attention to detail and a dedication to curate experiences that offer pleasant delight and serve the community then The Hub, Karen is it!

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