Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia is the author of the award-winning, personal style blog, This Is Ess. As a fashion fanatic, beauty lover and home decor enthusiast, she will leave you wanting to revamp your closet, home and life in general.

  • Lets hope its not another empty attempt to fool the public. I for one has no faith in people who specialize in dramas in order to hide their thieving ways! Surely, if you had been accused of same same vices, where is the moral ground in pretending to undo same?

  • solja joto

    Kwessi Pratt when you hear or see the the picture of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga you become so phobic showing your deep hatred for him.I mean is there nothing good about the PM.LONG LIFE THE RIGHT HON. RAILA ODINGA .GOD BESTOW LOTS OF BLESSINGS ON YOU AS YOU GUIDE THE NATION TO GREATER HEIGHTS.

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