How to make the most of a small bedroom



(By Monique Warner)

Here are some ways to make a small bedroom feel luxuriously large, rather than cramped and cluttered …

Here are some simple ways to make the most of a tiny bedroom …

Clear surfaces

From cluttered bedside pedestals to shelves of ornaments and an overflowing laundry basket, a bedroom full of ‘things’ can look smaller than it really is. Likewise, a small bedroom that is minimally decorated and well organised will feel far more spacious. Start by de-cluttering all the surfaces you can see. In a small bedroom, less really is more.


Go big

Create a big impression in a small bedroom, and play up the vertical space, with a canopy or four-poster bed. The effect of a big bed, especially one that plays on vertical lines, is that it makes a room feel grand and draws the eyes upwards, making a space seem larger than it really is.


Shelve it

When floor space is particularly tight, forego traditional bedside cabinets and opt for shelves and wall lights instead of standing bedside lamps.

Installing floating shelves is not only cost-effective, it gives you just enough space for those essentials – a book, glass of water and your reading glasses – without gobbling up any valuable floor space.

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