7 Ways to celebrate Global Wellness Day tomorrow!

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What is Global Wellness Day?

Based on the simple premise of living a better life by focusing on healthier lifestyle choices, Global Wellness Day is celebrated annually on 11 June.

The non-profit project was started five years ago by Belgin Aksoy, who came up with an idea to combat depression by promoting the importance of living well.

“We’ve honored almost everything which is valuable to us with a special day, so why not have one that’s dedicated to the universally accepted importance of wellness?” says Aksoy.

7 Global Wellness Day steps

The campaign challenges you to change just one aspect of your life by asking “What will you say “yes” to today?”

  1. Drink more water
  2. Walk for an hour
  3. Eat organic foods
  4. Stop using plastic bottles
  5. Do a good deed
  6. Eat a family dinner
  7. Go to bed at 10pm

Today, Global Wellness Day is being embraced by the spa and wellness world and has now also been accepted as a Global Wellness Institute initiative.

“Global Wellness Day is now recognised as an agent of change and transformation,” said GWD international co-ordinator Jean Guy de Gabriac.

The South African Spa Association has said yes to Global Wellness Day.  “Living a life with wellness at its core is the guiding principle of our organization which is why we “Say Yes” to Global Wellness Day and are proud that many in our Institute network, including the South African Spa Association are embracing this important campaign,” said Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute

On the 11 June, participating South African spas will be offering a selection of awareness activities and treatment offerings. For more information, visit the South African Spa Association Facebook page.

Sources: South African Spa Association and Global Wellness Institute

For more see http://www.all4women.co.za/

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  1. Avatar Jannadas July 31st, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    The AG is once again giving his personal other then Professional advise.Keep out of it Let the courts decide.

  2. Avatar Afriti Kizee July 31st, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Innocent Untill proven guilty in a court of law and it is the best because many can try to lock other peoples dreams by mere speculations

  3. Avatar Beloved King July 31st, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Using state funds to defend impunity is a crime and unjust….! Is the AG serving the common good of the nation or simply reasoning , talking, and acting as a PNU-TNA activist?

  4. Avatar Francis July 31st, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Kenyans have taken stupidity to the highest level.First no elections have been called in accordance with the IEBC rules where candidates have presented themselves for nomination.The fact that someone goes around and “says they are running for president” does not make them candidates.They become candidates once their papers are accepted by IEBC after being cleared by their party/or having satisfied all the rules required.It is after such a nomination that one can object to their candidature by suing the nominating authority- party or IEBC.You cannot not sue “an intent to stand for office”. If a mad man is shouting that they will stand for president will these idle bodies go to court to “stop him?”.These goons are abusing the courts by asking them (courts) to declare BEFORE HANDS who can/not run for office before such individuals run.The assumption is that since they have a case then all the other Kenyans/candidates are “clean” free to participate.What would happen were another candidate to have have a “case tomorrow?” – go to court again?.You do not issue a RED CARD before the players show up and the first whistle is blown.If the sin occurred before the game- call the police! My point is simple-WAIT FOR ELECTIONS TO BE CALLED-WAIT FOR UHURU AND RUTO TO BECOME CANDIDATES BY LAW-Then go to courts and sue THEIR PART/IES AND IEBC.For now treat the pair as “THOSE WALKING WITH INTENT TO RUN AND WIN THE PRESIDENCY WHICH IS THEIR RIGHT-THEY CANNOT ELECT THEMSELVES UNLESS RULES HAVE CHANGED”.

    1. Avatar Kwessi Pratt August 3rd, 2012 at 4:56 pm

      @Francis: The main thing here is bewildering fear. There are lot of people who believe that they cant attain their dreams when brothers Ruto and Uhuru are around. There are others intent on using tribal cards and perceived sins to get these brothers out of the way. Thats why guys were saying that they wont return in their first flight to the Hague! They fooled their people that the cases had started and even finished before even confirmation! They forget that ICC evidence file is still open and getting bigger. It will be interesting to see how these folks will react once merchants of deceit become wanted items at the Hague!

      There are also certain group of people who think that manipulating issues is the only way to get things done. But thats no here or there. Look at the governorship race in Nairobi. You will be mistaken to think that there are only 2 candidates for the seat! However, the 2 candidates, who are being made high profile by certain quarters, are not even likely to win. There are alot of other candidates out there who are likely to be eventual winners.

      These are the situations that greatly contribute to misconception. Of course, the main agenda is to mislead. Some folks are having fixation with Uhuru and Ruto candidacies not because they dont know whats required, but simply because they want to repackage their lies trained on known targets. In the current fluid circumstances, those who thrive on insults, yells, football and parable antics are at loss where to start! Thats why these fake NGO’s have to be prodded to try to clear the foggy situation. Nevertheless, things are not clearing out quickly. Thus, the alarming desperation! After all, why would you sue a mere suggestion, what remedities can you get?


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