Jennifer Lopez’s JLUST fragrance is her beauty essential


Jennifer Lopez’s “backstage essential” is her JLUST fragrance, which she announced via social media on Tuesday (07.06.16).

The 46-year-old singer – who launched her third fragrance exclusive to Kohl’s in March this year – has admitted the perfume is her go-to beauty product when she performs on stage, which she announced via social media on Tuesday (07.06.16).

The brunette beauty tweeted: “My new fragrance, JLUST, is my backstage essential. Now it can be yours! #Kohls, #JLUST #JLOVEGAS (sic).”

And the ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ hitmaker has revealed despite rehearsing for her ‘All I Have’ Las Vegas show with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson for 45 minutes to one hour per session, she still has to work out in the gym every day to prepare for the concert.

Speaking previously about her fitness regime, she said: “I work out in the morning.

“It’s a physically demanding show. Just like a basketball player, think of it like a basketball player, they do a morning practice and then at night they have the game.

“You just can’t shock … you can’t just get out there and shock yourself, you know what I mean? Then I warm up right before the show.”

However, the mother of two – who has eight-year-old twins Emme and son Maximilian, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony – has revealed her children often crash her workouts because they want to hang out with their mother.

Speaking previously about Jennifer’s disrupted exercise routines the fitness guru said: “She’s such an awesome mom. That’s the thing I love about her, her kids will run into the session at any time.

“Emme is so sweet, she doesn’t interrupt, she just watches and twirls. But Max is full of energy.”

But the New York-born actress does her best to try and alter her schedule to fit in with the kids.

She explained: “It’s having good people to help you take care of those kids. My kids visit me at the set [of her new television show ‘Shades of Blue’]. They have a room on the set so after school they come right there.”

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