Must-have items for your powder room

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Ever had to use the bathroom at a friend’s house only to realise there’s not enough toilet paper and you’re in too deep? No? Well thank the good Lord for that because trust me, it’s not cute.

There’s no point in having a cute, wall-papered bathroom and no consideration when it comes to your guests needs.

Here are some products you should consider having in your powder room that will make your guests really happy!

1. Extra toilet paper – I keep at least 2 extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom at all times because – again – nobody wants to be yelling out for more toilet paper to be passed on to them. Save your guests (and yourself) the embarrassment by keeping some extra rolls in there.

2. Liquid Hand Soap – Now that we’ve used the bathroom, the next obvious step would be to wash our hands and having running water isn’t enough. Sometimes, guests just want to wash their hands because they’re a little dirty or right before a meal so keep some liquid hand soap visibly next to the sink for your guests to use.

3. Hand Towel – It may seem obvious to some but a lot of times people often forget to hang a towel up for guests to use. In fact, for a nice change how about opting for a nicely folded napkins and having a little basket close by which guests can use to dispose of once they use it? Sometimes the idea of using the same towel that other guests are using can be uncomfortable.

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4. Wastebasket – You may use some tissue to blow your nose once you’ve used the bathroom and flushing a small piece down the toilet may not seem worth it. Have a small dustbin accessible to your guests so they have the option of using it to dispose of any trash.

5. Air Freshner – I mean, need I say more? Again, this is really one of the little things that will make life a little less awkward for your guests!

6. Hand Lotion – If you’re anything like me then you tend to get really dry hands if you don’t moisturise right after washing them. There’s nothing like a beautiful, scented moisturiser to do the trick! It’s the little touches that will make your guests extra happy.

7. The Extra Mile – For the extra touch, you might want to add a scented candle and a fresh flower in a bud vase to your bathroom for warmth! This will definitely make your guests feel even more at home.

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