James Corden suffers from homesickness


James Corden – who is currently living in Los Angeles whilst he fronts US television show ‘The Late Late Show’ – has admitted he can get homesick at times.

The 37-year-old star – who moved to Los Angeles with his family around 18 months ago to front US television show ‘The Late Late Show’ – admits there are times when he misses being in Britain.

He said: “We have bouts of homesickness. But I’ve got this little box that connects to your TV so I can always watch ‘Match Of The Day’ on a Sunday afternoon here. I find that incredibly comfortable.

“[But] the great thing is I’m at home every day. There’s no sort of sense of going off and leaving my family to film something which I’m very, very grateful for.”

And James – who has Max, five, and Carey, 19 months, with his wife Julia Carey – also admits he is still in awe of the success he has been having across the pond.

He added: “What are the chances of a chubby boy, and I’m being generous, going to America to do a top job like this every night and being anything other than a complete disaster? I’m scared I’ll be the boy from High Wycombe who just couldn’t hack it and had to go back home with his tail between his legs.

“Yeah, I guess [I’ve proved myself] a little bit. It has really helped that our show has been received in the manner that it has and the role that the internet has played in our show.”

And James says it is “inevitable” that his children will grow up with American accents.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I fear that that is inevitable really. My son talks to his friends in school in an American accent and then when he comes home and talks to us he talks in a British accent, which is very, very strange. But I guess when you’re that age you just want to fit in really.”

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