Elephants in Tanzania reserve could be wiped out by 2022


Elephants in Tanzania

Elephants in Tanzania’s sprawling Selous Game Reserve could be wiped out within six years if poaching continues at current levels, the World Wildlife Fund warned.

Tanzania’s largest nature reserve was in the 1970s home to 110,000 elephants, but today only 15,000 remain and they are threatened by “industrial-scale poaching”.

The Selous “could see its elephant population decimated by 2022 if urgent measures are not taken,” the WWF said.

More than 30,000 African elephants are killed by poachers every year to supply an illegal trade controlled by criminal gangs that feeds demand in the Far East.

Tanzania is among the worst-affected countries with a recent census saying the country’s elephant population fell by 60 percent in the five years to 2014.

The Selous reserve is a tourist draw contributing an estimated $6 million (5 million euros) a year to Tanzania’s economy, according to a study commissioned by WWF and carried out by advisory firm Dalberg.

It is named after Frederick Selous, a British explorer, hunter and real-life inspiration for the H. Rider Haggard character Allan Quatermain in King Solomon’s Mines.

“By early 2022 we could see the last of Selous’ elephants gunned down by heavily armed and well trained criminal networks,” the report said.

The 55,000-square kilometre (21,000-square mile) reserve in southern Tanzania was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982.

But it was put on a watch list in 2014 as poaching spiked, with six elephants killed every day and industrial activities including oil and gas exploration, as well as mining, threatening the delicate environment.

WWF Tanzania country director Amani Ngusaru said the Selous’ value, “is dependent on its large wildlife populations and pristine ecosystems.”

“Achieving zero elephant poaching is the first step to setting Selous on a path toward fulfilling its sustainable development potential,” Ngusaru said.



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  • CATE

    All I can say is that none of them is alone.

  • Nash

    Upuzi. If he’s innocent. let him face his accuser in court.

  • patrick injene

    Good Shelter Afric, Y was she recording the boss when she was being evaluated on performance-insecure of her competency?.As an international civil servant – (I am one, so i know what am talking about), you enjoy some immunities for any wrong doing in the course of your official duties.The fracas were in the office,arising from an official duty process;, that was to be dealt with by the organization.Kandie knows very well that it is only after the organization strips off Ba’s immunity ( in case of extreme criminality), that the host government can take up the matter.why did she not follow the organization’s laid down procedure?She is definately hiding something,and she should be dealt with internally.

    • Mr Injene- Does alleged assault fall under the category of ‘
      immunities for any wrong doing in the course of your official duties’. Persons like Mr Ba and yourself are a disgrace to the organisations you work for and countries you represent and should not be put in any leadership or managerial posts if these are your positions

      • patrick injene

        For your information, the organization has a duty to investigate and cooperate with the host government to make sure the due process is followed,and the process here is ,for your information(the assault,if really it happened was not in the street, that would be an easier case for the DPP).1.Internal investigation (organization in cooperation with Host government)> 2.organization waive immunity (depending on the findings of the investigation)>prosecution (by host government).Those who made those laws were a where the such scenerios (njeris of this world) will arise.By the way, this name Njeri,what is wrong? (the late wanjiru>Njeri,Athlete Kemboi>Njeri, Ba>Njeri).

        • upuzi_tele

          Lol, this is serious. I need to kick my Njeri outta my house.

    • Neo_kenyan

      I’ll share with you a little law, criminal assault involves 3 questions;1. Did Ba act intentionally? 2. Did Ba cause harm? 3. Did the harm caused result from Ba’s actions? If the answer to these questions is yes Ba is guilty of assault. The only question now is, does he have a defense like immunity, self defense? The foreign affairs ministry has stated he doesn’t have immunity.

      When a person breaks the law, the government is under a duty to prosecute the perpetrator. That’s why we have a DPP, the government cannot abrogate this responsibility to Shelter Afrique, whatever their internal regulations may be.

      In summary, Ba appears guilty of assault. that Kandie was recording him is not a legal defense and does not justify an assault.

      • patrick injene

        Neo_kenyan, i understand your point, that only the law you know should be applied.What I questioned was the produre that was taken by the victim and the DPP,shortcuts as usual.Am sorry, tere is no shrtcut in international law.Interestingly those who know the law of diplomacy,like the Foreign affairs PS,brilliantly applied it and gave no absolute answer,If i may replicate here what the PS said for your information.”
        “It is clearly implied in this provision that the immunities enjoyed under the host country agreement are not absolute,” he said.
        “In the alternative, you may wish to obtain a warrant of arrest on the basis of the complainant’s report that will enable the ministry to seek a waiver of the suspect’s immunity,” the letter says.Neo_kenyan, why is the PS saying in thealternative…. waiver of immunity.?? immunity ensures the host government applies the laws proceedurally.The Kenyan law binds kenya to the internationall law.If indeed he has immunity,that will be the proceedure,not yours and the njeris of this world.

        • upuzi_tele

          Lol! Well said Patrick. Ba has every right to be treated fairly. Njeri is hiding something…

    • Mazzdark

      Why do any wrong in the first place, “Mr International Civil Servant” – this is Kenya, we have a Constitution and Rule of Law, not of privilege…BURE KABISA!!

  • jomo2jomo

    police are best to investigate a crime and not the board

  • Nyangwara

    Well why not let the law follow its course,if he has immunity …the law protect him,if he assaulted the lady then foreign affairs and the immigration can still deport him

  • Mazzdark

    They are attempting to defeat justice in the mistaken name of class and entitlement – the issue is quite simple, if you assault somebody (anybody) and they report to the police, your goose is cooked – tell
    your side of the story to the judge…

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