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  • demarq

    Kilonzo 1, church 0. the way i see it.

  • rtryy

    ofcourse kilonzo was not in support of immorality.. why all the fuss? but anyway, no one would want to be on the losing end

  • I think Mutula’s comment was obviously taken out of context. we all make similar comments, ‘Don’t dress like a nun’, why are people pretending that this is such a shocking statment never heard before. I guess, the fact that he said it publicly and with the media in full hearing made it easier to ignore the full context. Kenyans #NKT!

    • Were these called similes in school? Dress like a nun? People need to think beyond their dressing and stop castigating Mutula for being on the side of the girls when they demanded modern skirts

  • short skirts are more smart on girls as school uniforms. they look more smart

    • Arochabab

      makes them look smart in what context madam? In any case looking smart doesn’t realy make you smart. Our girls should be smart (academicaly) as opposed to smart-looking. Otherwise they should be in Tusker Academy or BBA..

  • I also interpreted the way he has explained…let girls be girls…

  • nyakenda

    as usual our media has twisted what Kilonzo said, I have listened to the comment over and over but he didnt mention MINI SKIRT anywhere. As for the nun’s issue I personally think it was distasteful and Mutula should just let the issue rest as opposed to engaging the clerics. Sometimes silence is a virtue

  • Arochabab

    Miguna Miguna in his book refers to Mutula as a ‘lousy intelectual’. Now I agree. In what wisdom does he think the Visison 2030 can only be achieved if school girls (even corporate C.E.Os) wear short skirts? What a lousy intelectual!

    • Which CEO in Kenya dresses like a nun sir?

      • Arochabab

        Which one do you know of who dresses like a sex hawker?

        • Which CEO do you know who goes about her business dressed as a sex hawker?

          • sam

            Which CEO dresses like a nun? when you finally listen to or read what the minister said, you will easily realise what he meant.

      • Since most CEOs in Kenya are men, one that dresses like a nun would worry me. Of course, a female CEO coming in a short & tight skirt might be of concern too. Why? Most have legs that need to be covered.

  • Kip Bungei

    I understand now.Mutula wants girls to be just girls.

  • steve

    kudo kilonzo.i support you.what era are we in to conclude that short skirts are cultivating immorality.It depends on how one sees it.

  • jkc

    My learned friend should visit wikipedia, a free on-line dictionary and extract the true meaning of the term, UNIFORM.
    A uniform is worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization’s activity. Allowing gals to come to school with mini-skirts may interfere with the true meaning of UNIFORM as mini-skirts come in different shapes and sizes.

    • sam

      Mutula keeps repeating, “just above the knee”

  • Mutula is not advocating for mini-skirts. My understanding of mini-skirts is that their length is above thighs. What is wrong with people?

    • Arochabab

      Blame your understanding. In english short and mini are synonimous. They mean the same thing

  • matwes

    very unfortunate for a person of Mutula’s position to make such a statement. it’s unfortunate the only thing he see in nuns are the long skirts and not the work they do. many of the top schools in the country are managed by nuns. not all ladies in high school will be CEO’s, so he should stop with his bulshit!!!

  • Petro Muluha

    From the frying pan into the fire … CEO minds or CEOs? What about your teachers? You don’t want to nurture these? Or fathers and mothers?

  • Mutula is right but his words were twisted so the kenyan media can turn this into a publicized story. if you go to London and see what the school children wear there then you would see what Mutula meant…

  • What I heard: Don’t dress like a nun, dress like a whore.

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