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  • upuzi_tele

    The guy should consider himself very lucky by committing such a crime in Kenya where the 3arms of the government are all corrupt. How I wish he had committed the same offence in US. They never discuss whether you have immunity or not.

  • lionking

    Which crime are we talking about? Is that how people are treated in Kenya? every one can
    accuse a top boss of assault and the police jump on it, the politician jump on
    it without following any legal process. the first thing should be to hear his
    own version. Neither the police nor the politician did that. Whoever knows
    Shelter Afrique and this man will tell you about his professionalism his calm
    and his respect to other people. and now he is presented as a
    “suspect” of a crime. I m a little scared and sorry for my country.
    Ask Shelter afrique’s staff about Karen Kandie. You will hear another
    story about her than the one she is presenting to the media.

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