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  • onetwo

    i understand why some wanted the vetting to now be handled by JSC instead of the vetting board

  • Zacharia Sande Jowi

    So much for “Right of Appeal”……

  • Fredie Nairobi

    We are really moving in the right direction as a country and this should act as a warning to all people in Kenya that your actions are being monitored by all kenyans and might oneday derail your career midstream.It will also embarass you

  • PatrioticKenyan

    Yes, the new judiciary does not have space for lazy chaps and guys who take their position for granted. I was just wondering, did JSC do their due diligence when they promoted this guy the other day. No wondor these guys would want to be handled by the same body

  • Kiash, Gaborone

    we thank God for enabling us to pass the proposed constitution despite the status quo trying to wretlle the document down. This is the right way to go for this country

  • will not be surprised that someone from NEP or moslem community will declare that their own kind are being finished onr marginalized

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