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  • Peter

    Forget the dram and go manual

  • Anthony Bahasha

    a ward is too huge for two clerks,will your stategy really work?

  • amahwa titoh

    since tendering has become a problem why then not do it manually and later on purchase the equipments at an appropriate period to avoid rushing into conclusions and also avoid delaying registration process

  • amahwa titoh

    yes a computer works faster but it depends on the data it receive from the user; now about a full ward being managed by two clerks I feel that target of 19 million voters might be too far from rich.

  • DavidPkemoi

    If IEBC can be compromised to change the tender approved by procurement committe, on orders from NSIS and ministry of foreign affairs and award the tender to Symphony which I hear is connected to a senior political activist, Then I really become confused on how we can run the affairs of our country. Has the IEBC under Ahmed Isaac been held captive by people with fested interest? how so soon? I think this tender should revert to the approved 4G Identity to bring back the confidence, otherwise IEBC image will be dented greatly. How can we beleive that their next course of action is devoid of caoching and manipulation. Give us back the confidence we had in you.

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