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  • Thoughtsonly

    Sure. Let them wear mini skirts, sag pants, style their hair, make up, and all these other things that constitute a modern education.

  • marigo

    Mutula is courting a problem that is likely to replicate country wide.You cannot just give in to one unrealistic demand.Can mutula describe the standard measurement for a mini skirt.Does it fly above the knees , halfway above the knees or just a piece of cloth to cover nude.How will that improve academics in school.He is preparing our children to troupe K-street.He could have consulted the school affected to find out the cause of the strike instead of issuing imaginary statements.

  • Danson

    This is another road side declaration just after the PM embarrassed himself a few days ago. What is wrong with our leaders. How short is a mini-skirt.. Above knee, on knee, below knee, one inch…???. What is the effect of this on teachers who are “allergic to thighs”? What are these people smoking?

    • upuzi_tele

      Parents should teach their girl child how to behave and how to protect her thighs. Do not blame the teachers that are “allergic to thighs”. Remember not all children will end up being spoilt by the miniskirt declaration. By the way, you must be a PM fanatic. How come everything you write has to involve the PM?

  • douglas

    mutula is learned man …………use your education where necessary .i bliv that mutula is looking clients to defend when they are raped.mutula bwana

    • sandra

      Dear! dear! rape is never a fault of the dress code of the victim. rape is always a crime of control on the side of the perpetreter if a man is a rapist he will do so wether the girl is in a hijab or a mini!! travel abit..where i am its not uncommon to have mixed changing rooms at pools or people to be in a mixed sauna completely nude and yet its one of the countries where crimes like rape are on a minimum! modern dressing is something that we as africans adopted very recently not even more than 2 centuries and yet we are the ones who take it to the extreme!

  • Mwalimu Ndirangu

    I am a male teacher in a girls boarding school and wouldn’t support such a move by mheshimiwa…i’ve been through temptations with my students who nowadays think they are more mature than when we were back in school..discipline is key and proper institution around these uniforms brings out significant results if not academic..such demands will lead to immorality in the girl school because any short skirt will b deemed as a mini skirt even if there a bit higher on the thighs!!

  • nyambush

    The Minister has lost touch with reality. What kind of displine are we imparting on the youth if they are to wear miniskirts? By the time they finish high school, they will be in streets in bikinis and maybe swim-suits! These are young minds whose concentration ought to be in education not the attire less all distractions known to man.. Unless you want us to start throwing the school morals to the gallows, then spare our children this! A student is a student and should remain thus till they are in employment to join the working class. By then they will understand better the implications of what they wear when, where, for which occasion etc.

    • Maina

      well said

    • Just a Nun

      nyambush umenyamba na points hapo!

  • bona Uswizi

    Let them shine in academics then we can allow them to walk in their hot pants too.

  • mustbekidding

    Of course they can wear mini-skirts says the minister, FOR NOW THIS IS MY AGENDA. I have already sorted out unpaid teachers, lack of said teachers, undercover schools with undercover courses, upgrading of school resources to allow for more students, evaluation and re-evaluation of the syllabus – THE ONLY THING REMAINING NOW, IS MINI SKIRTS. And because these young underage (might I add) girls may have ID’s (dimwit), I WILL ALLOW THEM MODERN RULES AND REGULATIONS in their education – loosely translated to mini-skirts! (I JUST LOST 120 POINTS ON MY IQ, JUST THINKING OF HOW IDIOTIC THIS REASONING IS)

  • Davy

    I don’t support you mheshimiwa on this why must they dress in mini skirts what is it that they want to expose do you really know what teachers go through whenever they look at those thighs

  • wearing long skirts does not mean that that girl is disciplined. one can wear short skirts and still be disciplined. i believe that when one joins high school she has the power to decide on right stuffs and wrong. i agree with him totally. there should be freedom of dressing but with certain limits. we live in the 21st century

  • let them wear what they want to wear …we are in the 21st century for heaven sake …if end if the come out from school they are still going to wear them…look the street of Nairobi and other places they are all wearing short and stoking s .,…..

    • Maina


  • kanges

    Mheshimiwa, Do you have daughters? and by the way how old are they? have you ever adviced your daughters to ware minis on your way to an occation? SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • LK

    classic case of being quoted out of context. i heard the speech and the Minister never said that the students should be allowed to wear mini skirts. All he said was that the dresses were too long. I knew this was going to happen the moment he said it!

    • Thoughtsonly

      Actually, he said they shouldn’t dress like nuns, but he implied mini skirts when he referred to the girls school that went on strike and said he supports them…… from a Minister of Education, this is bad precedence….

      • Maina

        very bad

  • g4touch

    I am lead to believe that these statements by the honorable minister were a stop gap measure meant to get the girls back to class and not as a long term solution to problems ailing the education sector. First we spared the rod…… now the mini skirts….. whats next? These children are in their formative stage where as expected they will want to challenge authority, do we just give in to them coz we are in the 21st century? are we actually saying that come the end of this year we shall see a marked improvement from this school coz they have the freedom to wear minis?

    ……….. this is just food for thought for our honorable minister

  • douglas sindiga

    I disagree ,I used to think that the man is learned.Now i can see Hon nikubayuka tu…

  • perepepe

    I think bikinis will be more appropriate in areas that are sunny…I mean all students need to do is learn their subjects, isn’t it Mutula? I mean what is the big fuss, if you don’t like anything just threaten to strike and the Ministry of Education will form a task force to look into your grievances…even this issue of disciplining students is it really constitutional? I mean, why not talk and plead with students to comply with directives….in fact directives is a harsh word and might be against the bill of rights…let’s rename “school rules and regulations” to “polite suggestions by teaching personnel”…boyfriends should be allowed visits under the provision of freedom of association and choice…

  • Mugo

    Too bad Mutula, you ain’t thinking straight… Modernity for our students? Why not propose via another roadside declaration that they wear only underpants, sag their pants, wear mowhawk, bare their chests/thoraxes…. Mutula, me thinks you are outdated in your thinking……

  • sandra

    really its about time! to change Acts that were set up aeons ago! I went trhough the system am approaching 30 and still can say that people can dress how they want and still do well in school. As for the conservatives out there no need to jump the gun and say the girls are going to be heading to K street. c’mon I have seen pics of my parents and aunts from the 60s in minis. keep in mind there was a time we didnt even have the clothes in the first place..

  • Proffesing to be wise they became fools

  • Elijah Andika

    According to Mutula, our school going girls are not nuns for them to conceal their nudity. It is bad in fact very bad directive from a man we thought had wisdom to tackle a situation. The most honorable thing the minister can do is to plead for a transfer from the Ministry of Education before he messes up with our children and the morals of the future generation of this country.

  • Jonathanmutie

    Mutula has been fearless, forthright and dead right most of the time, but what he said about schools girls and miniskirts barely conceals recklessness. What is the standard length of a miniskirt, Mr minister? And what value can this thing add to the learning process?

  • clean

    Chief Justice wears earrings. What is wrong with school girls wearing

  • Mr. James

    I am a teacher at Rwathia Girls. Mutula will make us start admiring these girls. And from today, I’ll make sure I play sex each an every day with a different girl. Ili nilipishe kisasi.

  • steve

    Why I hate Mini-Skirts with school girls – True story

  • steve

    Why I hate
    Mini-Skirts with school girls – True story

    I remember after High school while waiting for my KCSE
    results, I was contracted to carry out holiday coaching in a mixed school near
    my home.

    In Form two, there were these two girls from averagely rich
    families who started tempting me a lot.

    They always sat in the front row of the classroom. More
    badly, they used to sit clumsily and sloppily without hiding their
    unforeseeable when I was teaching them. At my age, I did not understand why
    they were doing that and always asked myself if they were really doing the same
    to other male teachers.

    One day after anguishing in trouble, I asked them separately
    and kindly to sit at the back or they wear long skirts. They bucked proudly
    that they won’t do either of the options I gave them. I had no options except
    to advice them to then sit properly wherever I am in class. We agreed that I
    will rouse them any time I see them violating that conformity.

    One of them tricked me and wanted to provoke me instead. She
    approached me outside the school office and requested if I could assist her
    with some remedial and counteractive lessons at games time each day (for a pay
    of course). I admitted generously without knowing what she had in mind.

    The first lesson went on well without any suggestive
    indication that I was in a hot soup with this perilous girl.

    The second day, she came with a much shorter skirt and sited
    closer to me than the previous day. As I was taking her through Mole Concept
    equations in Chemistry, she slowly placed her soft hand on my laps. Since we
    were the two of us that time, I almost shouted at her asking her to stop
    whatever she was trying to do.

    She stopped but clicked at me in skepticism and discontent.
    She walked away from my class without uttering a word. I had nothing to do.

    She approached me the following day at break time and
    apologized for her misconduct the previous day. We agreed to meet again that

    That evening, she came much more jovial with gratification to
    accomplish her mission. We did not cover much that evening before she told me on
    the eye what she was feeling and what she was up to. She said I quote “I
    have been looking for an opportunity to be closer to you and feel your warmth
    and endearing smell”. I laughed shyly. I did not understand why she could
    say that. I however composed and collected myself later on and said “NO” to
    her. I told her it is not right to engage in such interactions and affairs
    while in school. And at her age, I said NO.

    Do you know what happened thereafter? …….

    Guess! Surprisingly, she fell on my chest and hugged me as
    she begged me to listen to her feelings. I was furiously infuriated and threw
    her off my arms else she could put me in a nuisance situation.

    She sobbed and cried as she walked out of me and away from
    the office.

    Do you know what she told her classmates after that????
    Guess! That I was seducing her and wanted her deficiently and that she refused;
    that I tried to force a kiss into her mouth that she decided to run away from
    our lessons.

    I had the most disastrous day the following day.

    Every student was laughing at me when I went to their class.
    Everybody in the whole school was give that false story about what had
    transpired in the office. And they believed it. I hated myself for what I never
    did. I hated being a teacher in any of the girls’ school.

    I hate Mini-skirts particularly in schools. Let’s not
    pretend that what Mutula Kilonzo is trying to tell us is going to work for male
    teachers. He is a lawyer and only deals with mature women whose libido has gone

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