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  • ephrem

    God bless Ethiopia and the PM

  • sami

    May God be with him.

  • Mark

    Wish him fast recovery. May God be with Him!

  • DAN

    It is hard to wish a a man bad luck while he is in a sick bed but he have did wrong those who dear to speak in the opposition!

  • You were a good leader ,Let God recover your illness.

  • Argonbecan

    The rest also continue lying to Ethiopian poeple. Tell the truth of their leaders condition and get over with it. Let people prepare themselves. When government stretch the truth, it will snapback on their face.
    “No nation hiding behind closed doors is free, for it is imprisoned by its own fear” Bill clinton.

  • mb

    Peace God help pm Melse

  • mb

    Please God help & Recover Melse illness He was not one in million

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