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  • Smart Kenyan

    Finally, somebody has spoken sense to the police force

    • tony

      if someone knowingly was a witness and participant in meeting to commite a crime,then that person is deemed to have participated in the crime. only in kenya can police spokesman issue statesments that contravene the law.

  • James

    How many voters read books?

  • · I am very surprised that the International
    media which appears to pick on the slightest happenings in Kenya, now appears
    to be missing in action when it comes to Miguna Miguna story. Is it that they
    know something we dont know? When John Githongo came up with the so called
    Anglo Leasing Dossier, he was even invited for an interview with BBC. Where is
    BBC today? have they closed their office in Nairobi? or should we call this
    Media Hypocracy? Maybe some people are sacred cows, who must be protected at
    all cost. Its a shame that they are always the first one to shout loudest about
    Democracy and freedom of Press. Kenyans and the Whole World is Watching.

    • erique

      Time my friend…time will tell i knw this wil be big!

    • sam

      Relax, you probably need a fanta orange! Are you about to say the international media has been “paid” to keep mum? :))

    • Smart Kenyan

      you are very right Mwangi!

  • Remi

    The police have done a good thing not to compel Miguna to make a statement regarding what he knows about the instigators of PEV. Of course, we ought to realize that the police know what they are not able to investigate to a conclusive end. Miguna might be having the sort of information he says he is custodian to which may weigh heavily on bigwigs in the country such that the police may not have the strength to question the fellows. Miguna, please go to The Hague and disclose what you know. You will do all of us who suffered during PEV proud AND YOU SURELY WILL BE OUR HERO.

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