8 bathroom organisation items that you need to have!

bathroom organisation

As far as I’m concerned, the bathroom should be just as pristine, comfortable and functional as any other part of your home. And if you can, why not turn it into a hotel-like, luxury spot which is not only aesthetically beautiful but perfectly functional.

After all, that’s where many pamper sessions begin.

If you’re anything like me then chances are you’ve got face washes, bath soaps, hair products, scrubs, towels, extra toilet paper etc., spilling out of your window sills/vanity/medicine cabinets.

Here are some simple items to purchase that can make your bathroom experience clutter-free and give it personality at the same time.

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Hooks – This is a great place to start as you can now easily hang your towel or bathrobe without taking up too much space. Not every bathroom comes fitted with extra railing for this so go out and get yourself some hooks! You can either have them on a free wall or the back of the door.


Toilet Paper holder – There’s nothing as frustrating as running out of toilet paper mid-business! Don’t make it awkward for your guests either so make to have a cute holder with extra rolls of toilet paper.

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Mounted shelf – If you don’t already have a medicine cabinet or enough floor space for extra storage, consider mounting a shelf on your wall. This could hold any extra product that you need without having to take up too much space.

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Bath accessories – Find some cute jars to place your toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soap etc. A matching bath set could help add to a luxurious, hotel-like feel.

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Clear Jars – For a less cluttered feel, get some clear glass jars for your beauty tools such as cotton pads or cotton buds. This helps create order around your vanity and you can store any extra product in your pantry which helps de-clutter your bathroom.

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Hand woven basket – Why not add a local touch to your bathroom by having a sisal basket? A quick trip to Maasai Market can get you a variety of baskets in different sizes and colours and you could either use it to store extra towels, your dirty clothes or add bin liners and use it for trash.

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Unexpected rug – For a fun touch, add a statement rug to your bathroom floor to give your bathroom some personality. Also helps keep your feet warm!

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Storage rack – Consider adding small rack if you need to store extra towels, magazines or any bathroom amenities that you require.


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