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  • greywolf852

    Unfortunately, MK Ben Ari is right. The Bible has been used by Christianity for centuries to oppress and sometimes massacre Jews. That doesn’t excuse his behavior, though.
    If he expects people of other faiths to respect his religion and its symbols, then he has to respect the religion and symbols of other people. Intolerance such as this is unacceptable.

  • Rob

    only the new testament? what about the old testament? I’d throw out the one about about god killing people in a hissy fit all the time before i toss out the one about some hippie telling everyone to be nice.

    • zaxande

      Good one….

  • henry

    Leave this to God alone for he judges righteously and justly

  • Megha Shyam

    Some Christian groups have no wisdom and no shame. Westborough Baptist Church in the US is a fine example of this. I also bring to your attention, the missionaries from England, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the US who did so much damage in the colonies they occupied. Too many examples to be proud of all the misdeeds in China India, African countirs. Just look at the political interference in making new laws in Uganda against gays pushed by a church in the US. No responsibility, no wisdom, no adherece to the words of Christ – pure ego, misinformation and yes stupidity blinded by ignorance.

    • mmTB

      One cannot say to help fight against “gay rights is wrong” you/we simply accept it all of a sudden to be right, that doesn’t make it right! we twisted the laws over time, say what if there are still rigtheous people who knows right from wrong and decide to stand by it! Apart from being biblically wrong how can this be good or fruitful anyway not looking at it from a gospel eye’s view! No reproduction/ is a sign of death! GRIMNER- we shouldn’t allow these things neither pamper it! I say fight against it!

  • bblimtrait

    I understand the heart of the person who sent it! As Christians we do believe in the after life- We believe that there is life beyond- and because of our belief in this, our heart melts for those who may not make the right decisions on earth, thus living a not so good after life- hence Jesus said: “Go into all the world making disciples! We bear not to see anyone fall short of the glory that God has promised to everyone- but man’s ways are so cold- we just intednt to remind them God loves them/ us

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