#DIY: 3 Fabulous coffee table alternatives

coffee table

by Monique Warner for All4Women

If you need a coffee table, here are a few ways to create a statement piece for a fraction of the price of buying a new one:

1. Suitcase stack

Keep an eye out for vintage suitcases in local charity shops. Stack two or three vintage suitcases together, pop a tray on top to create a stable surface and you have a shabby chic coffee table. As a bonus, you can also use the suitcases as storage.

2. Go potty

Turn a large empty flower pot into a stylish coffee table with paint and a round tray. Simply paint the pot to complement your home décor, add a round tray to the opening and you have a coffee table in a flash.

3. Read and reuse

Last generation’s bedtime stories is this generation’s décor. Our grandparents’ collection of old hard-covered, short-story books are not as valuable as they once were. In second-hand shops they’re often sold for only a few rands and some people are even recycling them or throwing them out. Create a pile of them and secure with twine, rope or slim belts to make an interesting looking coffee table for your reading nook.


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