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  • ukweliusemwe

    Running away, as usual

  • Njau

    Typical Raila; when it gets too hot to handle he runs away under the disguise of National duty. He is not fit to be a leader anywhere

    • This was a journey planned long time ago. It is not that he is running away. By the way If I was Raila, I will not repond to Miguna Miguna. Its like responding to a bitter wife after divorce, she can even claim that you are not good in bed, how do you defend yourself against such allegations?

      In Kenya we love drama, but maturity does not encourage drama. We need to deal with facts, not suspicions. In any case, the issues raised by Miguna, need to be first investigated independently before telling anyone to step aside.

      • Njau

        It is sad that the only thing you can come up after reading MM accusations
        is comparing the whole episode to a woman unsatisfactory complaining after
        being banged. These are serious issues coming from a confidant and adviser and
        you want to seriously dismiss it. You need to have your head examined or just forfeit
        your vote due to ignorance. I bet you would not trust anybody with such
        character to watch your stall in the market but you are fully confident
        entrusting with the country’s leadership. Something is wrong with that picture

  • omundustrong

    Let him stop these escapist behaviours.

  • Mercy Chepkonga

    Oh, ignorants! Organising a State visit for the Premier is so painstaking, it involves a lot of diplomatic work, wish you knew.
    So it definitely cant begin with Miguna’s book, it was planned a long time ago.
    Where PM will sleep, airline, vehicles, etc, are carefully planned. It’s not you deciding to go and stroll at Gikomba.

  • Tom Randiki

    Come on guys, give Mr Odinga a break! It may be a surprise to you, but the wheels of development continue to run with or without politics and someone has to do the job. This is what will keep you and me happy irrespective of who wins in April next year.

  • nyakenda

    good for the nation. RAO is hardworking and has promoted bilateral trade and ties for Kenya and the rest of the world. Keep working Right Honorable premier do not be distracted by the rants of a hot head and his paymasters!

  • Sea Witch

    China with it’s enormous appetites will strip a place bare and move on, not that it can keep doing that. Even now it’s incessant demand for shark fin soup is destroying marine environments and Africa’s are especially vulnerable to this pathetic plunder. Here today and gone tomorrow.

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