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  • hootoo

    Reliable sources have informed Ethiopian Review that Ethiopia’s long time dictator Meles Zenawi is in a coma and may have died earlier today.
    Meles was transported to Belgium 3 days ago and has been receiving treatment at Saint-Luc University Hospital in Brussels.
    Tonight, Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) has reported that sources close to the ruling party have confirmed the dictator’s death.

  • albastros dimitry

    Time cures more than a doctor,evfrything will come to light soon. Let’s wait and see!!

  • selam

    i wish a good helth to pr.m melese & GOD helps him
    i know very well he is a good model leader
    so GOD be with him, we will hear a good news now, after a moment

  • selam

    i love him so much

  • se

    i wish a good health but i am sorry about all of u GOD could do anymore to pr meles & i will hear good news because GOD can do a lot of things pr. meles is a good model leader in africa & all over the world GOD gives a good health amen amen……………

  • DD

    I wish him a good health and a long life. After-all he is a father of some one, husband, brother, and a san to his parent. So let us wish him good health for the sake of all those people and to the people that he led the past twenty years. Nothing will change with hatred I think love always win at the end.

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