Capital Lifestyle’s Sharon Mundia releases fashion collection with Vivo Activewear!


This Is Ess for Vivo Collection IMG 4

Award-winning fashion and lifestyle blogger and Capital Lifestyle’s very own, Sharon Mundia of This is Ess unveiled her latest project: a collaboration with Kenyan womenswear brand, VIVO Activewear, launching a limited edition 11-piece collection.

This collaboration marks the first ever blogger and fashion brand collaboration in Kenya and is a nod to the success and influence of personal style influencers in the digital media space.

Founded by Wandia Gichuru, Vivo Activewear is a leading womenswear brand in Kenya that champions local production with more than 60 per cent of her stock made in the country.

Mundia made the exciting announcement of her collaboration to her legions of fans on Instagram.

Speaking to Capital Lifestyle Mundia explained, “After months of secretly and tirelessly working on our collection, I’m just so glad to know that people can go out and hopefully fall in love with the pieces as much as I have!”

The popular lifestyle blogger was inspired to create pieces that offered alternatives to chic wardrobe essentials which she says can be dressed up or down. The collection features  signature to her personal style “classics with a twist”.  Look out for her for bodysuits, sleeveless vests, the little black dress and kimonos.

The collection is available in all Vivo stores and online:

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This Is Ess for Vivo Collection IMG 7 This Is Ess for Vivo Collection IMG 2

This Is Ess for Vivo Collection IMG 10 This Is Ess for Vivo Collection IMG 12


  • anon

    self appointed judges… smh

  • kenyanbyblood

    kenyans know that miguna is just trying to hit bak at the pm and he shuld just be ignored. who is he anyway? am not saying his allegations are wrong but hey, HAUTAMBULIWI.

    • Hitting back is not the point here folks. The matter is that has he written the truth or not? Needless to say, all the things he has said were all known but kept under tribal carpet. Former US ambassador to Kenya said the same same things about the man. Kenyans are alot wiser than before folks. Those days of stealing the thunder with illogical twisted opinions are becoming thing of the past. We need the truth and truth alone. Empty excuses wont do this time round.

  • issa

    Well, lisemwalo lipo na kama halipo laja! I mean, with all fairness as much as Miguna may be angry after loosing his job with PM…he has a right to express himself as a kenyan. I only wish to remind Miguna, he doesnt have to express himself with the anger i saw….as a gentleman, he only needed to put issues on the table as he politely and let the law take its course….

  • Petro

    let him resign and clear his name … yes, self appointed judges, but guess what… he has also a self appointed judge on many issues.

  • Joe

    Innocent untill proven guilty by a court of law. Let who has not done any sin cast the fast stone.

  • Faustine

    John Mwangi of Kenyan 4 honest governance why should RAO resign? Pending what investigation? As fars as I do remember investigation for the alleged misdeed has been carried out and cleared. Is Miguna bringing anything new to the public dormain that we do not know, apart from he is the smartest block in town and everyone else is an idiot.

    • Mazzdark

      Don’t blame dogs for barking…..

  • Billabong

    All RAO haters were just waiting for this, FYA, this amounts to NOTHING, just like Sally Kosgei termed one Khalwale………….watch this space

  • nyakenda

    Am very sure that this noise makers calling themselves Kenya 4 honest governance have not read the book and are relying on the warped serialization that was carried in some media. If the devil wrote a book about God what do you think he would say? All of a sudden Miguna has become a SAINT and all that crap he has said in his book has become GOSPEL TRUTH at least to Raila haters. If indeed Miguna has evidence to incriminate Raila or any officers in PM’s office he should voluntarily forward that information to EACC, CID or even to the DPP otherwise his memoirs amounts to nothing. In any case what the media has done for Miguna is free marketing and the guy will be laughing all the way to the bank. Raila and ODM brigade should not even waste time to respond to this crap. If this lobby group is serious about Raila resigning then I challenge them to go to Court. Raila too has his rights and he will be defended by Kenyans of good will.

    • perepepe

      You are in the realm of blaspheme when you use such an inappropriate analogy. Raila is human and capable of possessing flaws and fallacies.

    • @nyakenda: He was “truly totally defended” in 2007/8 PEV! And why would the accusers or noise makers, as you call them, go to court? I thought those faced with purported false allegations are the ones to seek reddress? And which Kenyans do mean are going to defend some sort of corrupt con anyway? Unless you are arrested by tribal loyalty, you should understand that Kenyans cant fight for an alleged or a thief for that matter. They never do that, they can only lynch such a fellow. We need answers for those allegations my friend! Even when you call Miguna a lunatic, that even puts more questions on Raila, if at all he had been advised by a mad person. And be sure that
      you dont scream once genuine PEV evidence is put on the table. Clearly suggesting that somebody, for no apparent reason, wallowed in neck-deep blood of innocent Kenyans to become something.

      • nyakenda

        ours is a country governed by the rule of law and we have institutions whose mandate is to investigate (CID/ EACC) and prosecute (DPP) crime including economic crime, if the damn writer has any speck of evidence he should forward it to the relevant authorities for action. Otherwise as it stands now this PNU/G7 Miguna’s book is total crap. It amounts only to hot air and you can take that to the bank and cash it!

      • Kwabubi

        Kwessi Pratt? which allegations? Please give me the pages in which allegations are made so we can shout together, otherwise I am lost trying to synchronize with you! I hope you have your copy.

        • @Kwabubi : You mean you are not aware of alleged ineptitude on the part of PM by former USA ambassador to Kenya?

  • pple from one community calling themselves activits, how silly, miguna buyers will achieve very litle in the end, what evidence does he have that raila himselfe is corrupt apart from saying pple sorounding raila are corrupt, idiot

    • thekenyan

      what community?

  • Dalolo

    Let him resign…he doesnt have to wait.

  • The question here is not the motive but the truth. Miguna Miguna seems to have backed his claims with alot of evidence. Its now up to those mentioned to clear their names. Tribal protection wont help. And asking for Miguna’s arrest for saying what we all know about PEV is to dwell on the pity. Will we be up to the challenge when he tells the world the real truth? We know Kenyans are always made to believe whats not and that has to stop. Some people are supposed to be at the Hague but they are the ones celebrating indictment of seemingly innocent bystanders. And one more thing, were the votes supposedly stolen in unlikely places like Molo, Tharaka Nthi and Juja more than the difference the crying
    candidate was beaten with? Kenyans were surely duped to the core!!!!

    • gazza

      Kwesssi Pratt. the book was launched on Saturday. it has 476 pages. I am sure you havent read it. so pls stop Blabbing about Miguna having evidence. and am sure he hasnt shared the evidence with you either. read the book, look for evidence and come talk with facts

      • @gazza: 476 or 588 pages pal? Fake reformers are now showing their true colours! Why demonstrate, burn effigies and soforth? I remember yester-year Kanu was doing such things! This is what Koreans called primitive energy! Cant we deny, minute by minute, all the serious allegations in this book? By the way, the book captured my assertions that people wearing fake reform stickers have been on prowl in this country for far too long. Its time to check them. Miguna’s book is certainly an eye opener! And be sure the drama is far from over if the current approach is anything to goby. Do you know why everybody is screaming that Miguna has fled? Somebody is praying for that but it wont happen. As former president used say, someone is going to fry himself in his own fat like swine. The tsunami is surely and quickly gathering momentum!!!!

  • Joemuoria

    Miguna has also stated in the book that Kibaki stole the 2007 election. Are we going to also say that Kibaki resigns from Kenya’s presidency just because Miguna wrote about the stolen election? Lets stop respecting Miguna gossip as we do God’s word. He should table the much needed evidence, else everything he writes remains normal ghetto talk.

    • Stolen election is a false song that cant stand any shred of scrutiny at all. By the way, were the votes purportedly stolen in unlikely places more than the margin Raila was beaten with? Falsehoods would burry us folks!

      • Kwabubi

        So advocate Kwessi Pratt, are you suggesting that Njuguna Njugunas claim of stolen elections be struck out of his book?

        • @Kwabubi: You obviously hasnt read the book at all. Why was Miguna saying that he can take each and every one of you to the Hague? Because he knows wanton lies were used to fake election theft. That Kenyans were uprooted from their farms, raped and killed simply because of falsehoods. And surprisingly the Odm fellows are the first to demand evidence while praying that its not available! I can now see the sense in DPP’s letter to Commissioner of police. Everybody will be required to record statement against solid evidence from Miguna Miguna! Its an uphill task pal. Hope you wont turn to screaming “human rights” once the heat becomes too much!

  • Joemuoria

    Miguna has also stated in the book that Kibaki stole the 2007 election. Are we going to also say that Kibaki resigns from Kenya’s presidency just because Miguna wrote about the stolen election? Lets stop respecting Miguna gossip as we do God’s word. He should table the much needed evidence, else everything he writes remains normal ghetto talk.

    • perepepe

      The Kriegler Commission investigated these claims and found no gerrymandering at KICC. Hey however said that rigging was done at Constituency level implicating areas in Nyanza where several Constituencies recorded between 100% to120% turn out. Whoever else claims Kibaki rigged the election is in denial of the reports findings and can only be a victim of propaganda or is a die-hard sycophant. Raila lost the election as malpractices were also found in his stronghold of Nyanza.

  • thekenyan

    Its for RAO to challenge the publication in court. The miguna “tell it all” may damage his image.

    • Kwabubi

      It can’t damage his image. Would you defend your name in public when your bitter and shameless, bragging, threatening and sweating house-girl steals your under-pants, mixes them with dirty, torn and badly colored ones and claim they were all yours? thekenyan, you are the one to go to court to prove the under-pants are mine!

  • perepepe

    The allegations in Miguna’s book cannot be wished away and the DPP should order the Police to initiate investigations on the litany of scandals presented therein. The public is not interested in Miguna’s raison detre (motivation or purpose) for writing the book, whether monetary, political or score settling, as such remains secondary. What the non-sycophantic and tax paying Kenyans public, and perhaps international agencies working in the PM’s Office, are interested in is whether public funds were siphoned by the PM and his cohorts following the “PM’s Office a swamp of graft” allegation. Only the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Police or CID as directed by the DPP can get to the bottom of these serious allegations. As for evidence on ODM’s strategy of 41 against 1, it may be of interest to the ICC and Miguna should make public the said evidence and investigation carried out by the ICC prosecutor. We do not expect the EMU ( Efficiency Monitoring Unit) of the Inspector of Government Agencies in the PM’s office to purport to conduct any form of investigation. These two departments have no mandate nor capacity. They are often used by officials in the PM’s office to whitewash ODM scandals. The Government Inspectorate less than a month ago produced a report recommending the PM’s permanent secretary and Bishop Wanjiru not be punished for illegally acquiring several housing units from NHC as it would bring about litigation and infringe on their human rights. The same report was signed by the subject of investigation permanent secretary Mr Isahakia….we are talking less than three weeks ago. Why should one not take seriously Miguna’s allegations regardless of his motive?

    • Kwabubi

      Just read the whole book bwana perepere and you will see a bitter, sweating, panting and shameless servant ready to “spill the beans” i.e. to blackmail. This is a blackmail case.

  • sam

    @Kwessi Pratt, are you from Ghana? Just go read the book. You will present a better argument post reading, not before.

    • Mazzdark

      In Kwessi Pratt’s ramblings i can discern the ungainly left hand of a certain ‘Messiah”

      • Fight the truth and we will see how far you will go! True or not true is the matter here. Any other stuff is suicide pal! And mark my words!!!!

    • Half way through pal, dont worry your head for nothing!

  • perepepe

    The PM should step aside and allow investigations to be carried out in his docket following allegations by Miguna.

  • Highness

    Still the
    usual Nonsensical Politics?? “Blocking the PM from assenting to Power PNU/G7 Plots??” Kenya is BIG than an individual!! These are serious allegations
    against the PM and must not be politicized but rather seriously scrutinized by
    the relevant bodies. We need not to know about Miguna’s past!! We should see the PM
    resign immediately to pave way for investigations to clear his name first,
    before he goes out for VOTE chasing! Whilst Kenyans are sweating their heads
    and asses to make ends meet, with more than tripled cost of living and uncertainties;
    anybody claiming power and leadership should understand that AT LAST Kenyans
    need servant leaders not cons or swindlers. Nevertheless, lets Pray as Kenyans;
    that a leader with GOD’S calling stands out from that pack of selfish business
    minded politicians, and lead Kenyans to the Promised Land. We are tired!!!!!!!!!!!

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