#BeautyBar: 5 Things girls with perfect skin will ALWAYS do

Beauty Bar perfect skin

If you’re anything like me, then the quest for bright, supple, even skin is a never ending journey.

I may not have suffered from serious acne during my teen years but I did often struggle with the occasional massive pimple and an ugly rash on my forehead that I could never get rid of. If I’m being honest, this did last through to my 20s too.

Needless to say, whenever I’d meet someone with enviable skin, I’d always be eager to learn about their skin regimen and over the years a few things became abundantly clear.

Here are some of the routines that the girls that I’ve encountered with great skin swear by:

  1. Always use sunscreen: For the longest time, I was under the impression that the darker your skin tone, the less sunscreen you’ll need. This was quickly demystified by one of my friends who swears that her secret to an even skin tone is daily use of sunscreen with a high SPF.
  2. Never sleep with makeup: I was definitely guilty of this a few years back because the sweetness of a good ol’ snooze always won me over. That was until one of my friends saw doze off with makeup and gave me a massive lecture! I probably wouldn’t have paid her much mind if it wasn’t for her flawless skin but I always remove my makeup before bed now.
  3. Take vitamins: After reading up on countless of celebrity beauty regimens, one thing’s clear: a good supplement is a must-have! I took up cod liver oil given that this was something my mother forced us to consume when we were kids – a ritual that was the norm in most households growing up. Not only is it great for your skin but it’s also great for hair, nails, treating wounds, increasing cognitive performance and a lot more!
  4. Beauty Bar perfect skin - This Is Ess 3Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!: It’s so important to make sure that you take the appropriate steps to cleanse, especially if you regularly wear makeup. Not only will the dirt clog up your pores but it’s also a headache to clean off of white sheets! One of my friends swears by toning every day using a gentle toner to make sure all the gunk is out and tighten the skin.
  5. Hydrate & Massage: Of course I had to include a Korean beauty-inspired tip in here! One of my favourite bloggers, Chriselle Lim, swears by massaging her face while moisturising to help stimulate blood flow and make sure your skin absorbs all the moisture (as per her snapchat). It doesn’t hurt that it also feels so soothing too!

I obviously have applied these tips to my beauty regimen over the years and my skin has definitely cleared up with the exception of a few pimples once in a blue moon.

Beauty Bar perfect skin  - This Is Ess 2

Hope this article helps motivate you to apply some of these tips to your skincare routines.

Happy regimen!

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