100 Years of Kenyan beauty in less than 90 seconds


100 Years of Beauty - Kenya 1

If you were ever curious about how much Kenyan beauty standards have changed over the past century, this video should help satisfy that curiosity.

Produced and directed by Cut.com – a company that often shares hilarious and unorthodox videos on YouTube – this quick clip flies you through the different hair styles and makeup looks that Kenyan women embraced over the years.

100 Years of Beauty - Kenya 2

From simple no-make up looks to classic cornrows, the popular 60s beehive and even the crazy 80s flair that swept the world, Kenyans seem to have had their fun experimenting with beauty over the past century!

The 100 Years of Beauty series has become quite popular on Cut.com’s YouTube channel where they’ve shared a total of 21 transformations from different parts of the world.

Watch the video below:


Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia is the author of the award-winning, personal style blog, This Is Ess. As a fashion fanatic, beauty lover and home decor enthusiast, she will leave you wanting to revamp your closet, home and life in general.

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