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  • joash Mossi

    Those who Stole our Maize an supervised the killing of Innocent Kenyans as they claimed stolen elections will have it rough…

    • Nyangwara

      Josh you seem to have great info.Why not talk to the prosecutor?

    • Am with you 100% Mr. Joash Mossi! But dont forgot someone is looking for credibility as regards to these fake opinion polls. If you want to fool people, all you have to do is to “diversify” them. Thats already in the works. And dont ever forget this Angela Ambitho fellow is not even playing by the roles! However, those who faked election theft and visited violence on Kenyans will (not would!) have no where to go. Feeding Kenyans with cancerous maize and even firing KEBS boss to facilitate that is a monumental crime against humanity. Time for lies is up pal! Stagnant people masquerading as reformers wont have any space at all. Mark my words, Kenyans are alot wiser today!!!!

      • Mtondogoo

        The serialisation that is ongoing elsewhere is an eye opener for those who may have not known the kind of fellows we have in the helm. Integrity is not conspiracy to feed kenyan with afflatoxin infested maize, integrity is not schemes of KKV only to channel the money to buy Hotels for personnal gain. Theman need to know that majority of kenyans are people of high intergrity and the few people who are corrupt cannot hold the entire citizenry of this country hostage by creating an impression that no one is clean.
        Even with Ngong hill land saga through the grabbing of railway reserve in eastlands to cemetry land fiasco the perpetrators are at large and claiming high morals and campaigning on platform of hardwork and reconciliation. lets mean integrity for the world to respect kenya.

    • prophet6

      Get serious for once and stop acting silly. Who are you? You are neither a judge nor a complainant in any offences above. The fact that you are drowned in propaganda makes your arguments cheap and trush to say the least. We know who can walk the talk and that is the man/woman this nation need. Only fools will listen to propaganda and meaningless terms as ‘reformers’, implementing the constitution Blah!

  • John

    Is the implication here that 65 percent DON’T care if their next president has high integrity?

  • theman

    Joash let me remind u that there is no a righteous man on earth!……we will rather vote 4 anybody but not return power to the homestead where it has been b4…..since we know nothing good came out of it really no wonder we now have MRC group which is crying foul of historical injustices.

    • @ theman – No righteous man on earth? What are you saying, trying to justify thievery? And who said if things are not going right as you say, you have to resort to treason? No wonder somebody had to wallow neck-deep in the blood of innocent Kenyans to become something!

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