#CarNews: Tesla accelerates to hit target of making 500,000 cars



Tesla on Wednesday said it was speeding the timeline for building a half million electric cars as it shrunk its quarterly loss.

Hot demand for a new, more affordable Model 3 led the company to shave two years off its timeline for building a combined total of 500,000 vehicles, combining Model S, Model X, and Model 3, and make the new target date 2018.



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  • David Wesula

    I though harambees’ are banned seven months to general elections? This is an illegality Jakom

    • Zuleikha

      A harambee to raise funds for ones own campaign is not an illegality. Read the Elections Act 2011.

    • Nyangwara

      Fund raising for political parties is legitimate…..you only mus declare !

  • Mcnellz

    Show us the way. We shall surport you and we expect a Kenya far all, both small and big, rich and poor and may safe guard the interests of the minority. You can now lead us to the promised land.

    • prophet6

      Stop it! we are in the promised land. You are following a mirage and you will drop dead in disillusionment. Wake up and see the light – Kenya is moving forward and not hanging in history.

  • omondi sheldon

    you are the only guy left to lead this country to a beter cannan

    • prophet6

      Omondi, there can only be one Cannan and it is either better or worse. The ‘only guy’ fooled you before and brought you here and now he promises you a better Cannan? Sorry pal, we are tired of lies and innuendos.

  • Judith Nasamba

    What of in the court of Public opinion,,, The Maize scandal, Kisumu Molasses Plant, Fuel scandal and the fact that Raila stood watch as hundred of Kikuyus were killed in Rift valley in his name,,,, please clean your house first…

  • Nyangwara

    Court of public opinion..?
    Facts is what counts public opinion shifts with time….who would you rather?

  • Ngoma


  • Njau

    If given two options; donate KSH 100000 to Raila or flush it down the toilet. Both have the same effect but the latter would be better spent. Kosgey said it best Jakom sycophants are investing in democracy…When mzungu said “A fool and his money are soon parted”; he must have been talking about ODM supporters.

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